Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day ............................................. You have Bronchitis

Happy love day to all. Just wanted to give a big shout out to the Mr.

Every wife I know today has posted either something on their blog or facebook about having the best husband ever. Well, nice try ladies but my bloke takes the cake.

It all starts about 3 weeks ago, when Mr. Cutie Pie decides we are going to Ruth's Chris for V-Day. So, he makes a reservation, gets gift cards in order and lets his lady know. Boy oh boy are they excited. Last week, Lauren starts feeling a wee bit yucky. By Friday, her voice is gone and she is hocking up a lung, can't breathe, her throat stings of nails scratching, (you get the point). Mr. Cutie Pie takes care of her. Tells her to save her energy, get better, stay in bed, because we have a hot date on Monday! Enter Monday, February 14th, Valentine's day. Lauren and Devan drop Howard off at daycare in preperation to be able to go to Park City for din-din. Lauren still not feeling well, goes to see the doctor and Wah La, Bronchitis. She has to cancel on her one true love after all his darling hard work. His reply? "Oh sweets, let's just get you better! We will order some take out and spend a nice evening at home". So ladies... my guy, wins! Happy Valentine's everyone!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grand Re-Opening

I'll be honest. I have gone through an anti-blogging phase. The thought of having to actually get together thoughts, feelings, and quirky comments sounded like a good ol' flush down the toilet. After hearing an old friend tell me "I check your blog all the time. You never write anything, but I check it", a glimmer of purpose and meaning of life came back to me. There are people out there besides my mom, mom-in-law, sister and sister's in law who may actually read this. Who would have thought?! So for your viewing pleasures, I am officially entering the grand re-opening of La and Dev. (Insert groans here). Updates:

Devan= Still as cute as ever. Big ol' smile, playing lots of basketball, yelling at Howard, yelling at the tv, yelling at the playstation, smiling at me, loving his job, loving Howard, loving the tv, loving the playstation, crushing on Jimmer, staying busy. Hot and Cold that one.

Devan's battle wound while rough housing with Howard. A few stitches later he was good.

Lauren= Loving her new truck, loving Howard-meister, driving Howard crazy for smothering him, extreamly sick of the cold, Crazyball fanatic, thinks about Disneyland everyday, obsessed with Call of Duty (pathetic, I knew I should have never gave in), loving good, quality family time with Dev, (playing Call of Duty) and also staying busy.

Got a new tattoo. It mysteriously dissappeared 1 week later...

Howard= BIG. Sneaking into his food bag, loving peanut butter, loves to run at the park, tired all the time, loves his new daycare he, always breaking things with his tail, is so glad to be back together with his soulmate (Nana) after she forgave him for breaking her little tosie on accident.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lake Powellio

We went to Lake Powell. Had a blast. And then had to come home. Urgh.

Shown below is the entire gang. Howard has body image issues, he wanted no part in pictures.

All the ladies looking GaGalicious

This is Howard and Harley. So cute.

What a cute set of brothers!

We had an absolute blast in Powell. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped and made it such an amazing trip. I think I may have to officially retire from being the photographer of the family (I didn't take a single picture the entire trip). Thanks to Mary for sending/taking these wonderful pictures. Thanks again to everyone, SO good to see everyone, can't wait for 2011! :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ok. I know you heard lots of words from me about Devan graduating, so I am going to let the picutres do all the talking:


Kan-Jammin'. I want to kan-Jam with you.

(I just can't get over how cute my nephew is right here, he should be working at the PCC)

Wished Camera would have been there for me. The backyard looked like a legit luau, and the foodies were incredible. Anyways, happy graduating Devan.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Devan...

***Offensive Alert: If you are easily offended when somebody calls your residential city no-fun, do not read past this point. All cities named in post are proud cities of the United States of America.***

"Provo Least Fun City in the Nation?"

It is official everyone... Provo has been voted the least fun city in the nation. (And when the say Provo, I include Orem since it should be called PrOrem.) For many Timpview-ites, Provo-ians, and Zoobies (BYU-ers), these are what we like to call our stomping grounds, home sweet home, the land that I love. So why blog about this? Well, it hits a little home to my dear, sweet, Devan (who was not born in the land of Provo, but is an official resident of the city, 6 years and counting) . Lets start with the basics, Devan is 26 years old, a college graduate, and is from the Modesto, CA. area.

I get a phone call from Devan this morning saying "Hop onto and read the article about Provo City". Naturally, I do it right away, I just can't wait. I see the headline "Provo least fun city in the nation?" and immediatly think, oh boy, this should be good... As I chuckle to myself, I continue to read on. The article states that indeed, Provo has been voted the least fun city in the nation, by this 3rd party poll people. It then goes on to list reasons why Provo IS a fun city (i.e. Boating Utah Lake, Rock Canyon, ect.) and I must agree. As I continue further, the article goes on to list a couple other bottom-dwellers of fun-sucking cities, and frankly, to much of a suprise, next on the list is (drumroll please........) Modesto California! Devan and I bust out in laughs, chuckles and cheers.

What are the odds? Provo, Utah and Modesto, California? I fear that if he or I dug further, we may find other no-fun-Devan-dwelling zones on that list such as: Puyallup, Washington, Bismark, North Dakota, Pierre, South Dakota, and Casper, Wyoming. So, the moral of my post? Watch out friends and family and work associates... You may very well be associating with the person who is among the least fun people in the nation, I'm just sayin'...

PS. To read the article, go here:
PPS: To all those who know Devan, I don't have to tell you that he is indeed, a fun person. To those of you who don't personally know Devan, he is FAR FROM a no-fun person, this is purley a coincidence.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Camera,

How are you? I am doing fine. I wanted to ask you something... In your mind, what constitutes a major life event? A wedding? A birth of a child? A baptisim? A colledge graduation? All of the above?

Well my dear camera, I agree with you. All of the above are certainly life changing events that you would like documented. So why oh why couldn't you be there for me this weekend? I really needed your support. I think that we both agreed that a colledge graduation fits right in that category. Well, colledge graduation came and went, and you failed to document. Why couldn't you make sure your battery was tucked away nicely, rather than on the charging dock at home? You should have known I would have been to busy to think about checking you as well as myself before I walked out the door. I am not superwoman.

Camera, I hope you don't think I am mad at you, just disapointed. I will always love you. I hope for the next milestone event, you get your pretty little self ready to snap away for me rather than leaving me hanging. I hope you are doing well. I hope your battery isn't getting to dusty from being forgotten. Until next time, keep it real.


Lauren (Wife of a recently graduated colledge student)

PS, I would say you can be there for me next time, but since there won't be a next time, I don't know what to say. I just hope you made the right decision.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing Catsup

So, I'm a major slacker, blog world. Needless to say, this semester has been $#%&*(#!. Feel free to fill in the blank with your word of choice. I choose poop) So a quick update since September:

October: Celebrated Halloween (love it!) Annual Halloween party with the Severson's, Howard grew like a weed, Dev turned 26. A few pictures to commemorate :-)

November: Howard grew like a weed, Shotgun shooting with the McGuire's, and New Moon baby!

December: Howard grew like a weed, Dev finished semester, a nice long Christmas in Cali home.

PS (don't mind my little kid bangs. I tried to cut them myself... Bad idea)

January: Enter #$^@&$*! semester. Howard still continuing to grow like a weed, we think he may never stop, depression sets in because the real snow/cold has just started to come. No pictures to post because January was to depressing.

February: Continuation of #%&*@(!^%*$# semester, Howard starting to pest Devan, Lauren feeling crafty. Depression continues as cold weather and snow move forth. Sorry, no pictures, February was too depressing as well.

March: Yet more continuation of ^#*@$^%%#&*!#@$!*@#!%)$ semester, Lauren LOVING St. Patty's day, Devan being Mr. Studious, girl trip to St. George with Caity, road trip to St. George/Vegas/Primm with the Seversons, which meant Buffalo Bill's, Howard gets nutered and we think that he is done pestering Devan because of the nueter...Oh and you better believe it... still snowing

April: And here we are. Howard decided that the nutering did nothing for his attitude, still bothering Devan, Pappa Devan and son Howard go on a nice fun hike and Howard takes his backpack, fun weekend in St. George with the McGuire's, Father Steve in St. George at same time for golf trip, #*%#(!*@&^%#(@!*!@#%(&@#*^%#$(@!%*#)@$(&%$@!* semester almost to a close which means.... GRADUATION! Yay!!! Oh and PS, it did snow again like a week ago, but Utah redeemed itself by giving us the lovely weekend and week. :-)

(Thanks Em for the pictures, I stole them from your blog BTW)

So as graduation is only days away, I sit here and contemplate if there is supposed to be life beyond school. It seems as though Devan was brought to this earth to be a perm-a-student, so I feel like come Thursday, 2012 may arrive a little early. Way excited for Dev-Man, and very proud of him! Congrats Dev! Sorry for the marathon post, I must be better.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AJ 6

For those of you that know me well know that there are few things in life that I really enjoy; Lauren, Family, basketball, and shoes. Shoes you say. That seems odd, but I have always enjoyed shoes and especially ones that pertain to my other favorite thing, basketball. Yes I can't get enough of basketball shoes.
In the third grade I got my favorite pair of basketball shoes ever, the Air Jordan VI. I loved them and the problem with having nice shoes as a third grader is that your feet still grow rapidly and I wasn't able to have them for a long time.
A couple of weeks ago while browsing I saw the Jordan VI in a size 12 rereleased. Thanks to my wonderful wife, she got my dream shoes for me. Imagine my joy. She doesn't quite understand why I needed another pair of shoes, but even though she doesn't understand she got them for me any way. Thanks babe.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Dog = Big Crate

So we bought Howard a new crate about a week ago. I think me and Dev were more excited to be in it then he was.