Friday, August 29, 2008

We Made It

We are here. Already had some yummy snowcones, a few shopping sprees, great pedicures, and great waves, we have made it to Hawaii. More posts with pictures to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Pure fun is the only words to explain our last outing with Clint, Stef, Jeff and "Chika".

Our fun consisted of Devan trying to break a crate with flip-flops:

Clint with an ax...
Devan still trying to break a crate with flip-flops :
And as always... FOODIES :
Jeff and his darling girlfriend Brittney:And of course, us still eating. It's amazing devan was able to catch us all pretty normal in a picture...

Friday, August 8, 2008

As Promised

Here are pictures from our Cruise. Since camping pictures are on a costco cd (Mamma McGuire's favorite), I can't quite figure out how to put them to my blog and Devan isn't home so Whoa is me, they will come. Just want to give a shout out to the McGuire's and Stiles' for such wonderful family vacations. BLAST. Anyways, enjoy!

Even though I have held a respectable position in my company for over 2 years, been married for over 1 year, and been out of school for over 3 years, I still had to have a hole punch in my card because I wasn't 21. I got teased (and only by my one true love) the ENTIRE time.
We stopped in Vegas along the way... Still not 21.Our first stop was Sand Diego - to the beautiful temple and the awesome Coronado Island to hit up the beach.
Catilina Island. So beautiful! (2nd Stop)Gettin ready to go 'schwimmin'!
Our boat, The Monarch of the Seas
On our way to Catilina Island. Segways, here we come!
Welcom to the Segway crew, I hope you have a Segway too.Ensanada (sp?) Mexico. Full of life, love, and stink. Not many pictures necessary...
The one and only. I forget how awesome Disneyland is. A few of the family favorites: Indiana Jones, Screamin' California, Soarin' over California, Space Mountain and of course the Buzz Lightyear where you get to shoot targets.
Grizzley Rapids... Mom Stiles got a pancho, Dad Stiles lovin' it, Lauren Stiles not really understanding and dear Kerry Stiles who the rapids had a nasty grudge against.