Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Guy...

Thanks so much to Dalles and Mckae (Merry Christmas) we got to enjoy a night of this guy during our Jazz game, and I mean it, he was quite entertaining. Full of flagrant fouls, blowing kisses to the booing crowd, hitting his chest like tarzan, and toppin' it off with getting two "T"s along with the walk of shame, this guy gave us a great night. If the cheers ANY time he missed a shot were not enough, he really left with class by giving the Energy Soultions Arena the bird. Thanks Ron Ron for being a real role model! Following are some pictures from our AWESOME Jazz game.

Go Jazz and Ronnie Price (who got in!) and Kyle Korver (my new favorite and by the way has an absolutley beautiful shot).

PS. Since Dee Brown no longer plays for the Jazz I have decided to dedicate my "Super Fan" monstrosties to Ronnie Price.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Troy Polamalu

For what you may ask, am I dedicating a blog to Troy Polamalu... I will tell you. First of all, for those of you who do not know Troy, he is the saftey for the Steelers, and also known for his great locks of hair, bouncing around out of the back of his helmet as he runs up field. Around Halloween time Devan started to call me Troy. I related this sudden changed in "pet" names due to the family we kind of have a crush on in our ward... The Unga's. See, they dressed up their youngest son to be Troy Polamalu for Halloween, so I thought this was just a continuation of our little crush. Come to find out, I have more in common with Polamalu than many may think. (See Below)

Due to the wonderful genetics of both of our parents, Troy and I share some common things like a great head of hair... luckily for him those locks of love are worth a whole lot more than my $30 haircut. You keep em' growing, thanks Troy for your inspiration!