Thursday, May 22, 2008

24 hours

Less than 24 hours have gone by and already, I am an array of emotions. I sure do miss this guy:
Money has already been spent, parents/friends visited and caught up on a lot of TiVo'd shows. I guess I have to make the next move and take either one of two options. Excersise or clean the house... Suggestions anyone?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am K9 Friendly

So for the past while (oh i'd say 3 or 4 months), I have been driving Devan crazy about getting one of these:
Unfourtnetly, Devan doesn't want a "horse-dog". :-( But in lew of recent events that have taken place in my home, I think Devan would be greatful to have one of these bad boys around for me to keep me safe while he is gone. Alas, our apartment does not allow us to be the proud owners of this guy (do you blame em'?), so I guess our new dead bolt will have to protect me until then. :-) I think for the next year, I might go a little crazy due to the need/want/would kill for a dog attitude that I have had as late, especially that I will be alone for a little bit. I would love to have "mans best friend" by my side. This is my ode to all you dog-wanters out there, the time will come my friends when we will join the rankings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Happens in a Year:

This post is more for my own selfish reasons. See I am the worst journal writer in the world, but recently someone described blogging as an 'on-line journal' and I offically justified that. These are my journal entries for our little family!

I'm sure everyone thinks back and ponders what has happened to them within the past year of their marriage. Here is how it worked for Devan and myself (in chronological order)

-Lacerated Tendon
-Had reconstructive surgery on tendon
-Weeks of Physical therapy
-Went bankrupt because of Tendon
-Added a niece
-Bought a new car
-Great trip to Texas :-)
-Went double bankrupt because of Appendectamey
-Great trip to California :-)
-Winter blues/Turned off our heat (why)?
-Writers Strike... Boo
-Added a sister-in-law
-Diagonosed with Hypothryoidism
-Are pretty sure we will go bankrupt a 3rd time...
-Heart-broken by the Jazz... Again
-Put together our house
-Getting ready for Devan to leave for Montanna
-Getting ready for Mac to come and live with Lauren while Dev in Montanna
-Can't wait for what the next year brings!

Happy Anniversary to you Dev! I sure do love you and have loved every minute of this year together! Looking forward to the many, many more to come! :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Last weekend Dev, Me, Clint and Stefani all went to Zions and then up to Clint's ranch in Joes Valley to do some campin'. AWESOME. We had a blast hiking through Zions, eating like King's, playing cards, not showering, potty in the woods (the boys were kind enough to build us little toilets out there in dem' woods), black boogers, bugs, massive fires (I think everyone burned themselves in one way or another) sleeping in our sweet tent, doing some bike riding, and a whole lotta smores. This is us in our sweet tent. Almost the whole top is open, so we could see some major stars!

BEFORE our hike through Zion's.

*More pictures are to come. We have an after shot of our hike through Zion's... along with a few other pristine pictures, you will all be pleased to see!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A tRiBuTe:

Dear Gruesome Twosome-

We will miss your laughs, tears, jokes and whatever other emotions you had up your sleeve. Here is a tribute of one my personal favorite moments from the 'couple' known as Rob & Big: (Make sure you pump up the volume and rock-it with Rob...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Dear Fair Weather Fans-

I went in to Fanzz yesterday to try once again since the beginning of the season to pick up a Ronnie Price shirt. For months and months, which seemed like years, I didn't get one because all they had stocked were mens L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. I figured one would come along later. After months and months of tearful, sweatful, disappointing searching, I found that they don't make those shirts in any size smaller than a large, so I figured I would buy one in a Large and shrink it. Well fancy the fact that as soon as #17 had a sweet game which consited of an amazing block and a great shot off a foul, ALL of his shirts were gone... interesting!

So to all of you fair- wather, bandwagoning, goober-noggins, I give to you the what Devan and myself like the call, the 'degrading thumbs up'. If any of you have ever gotten one of these while, driving, driving, or possibly driving, it probably came from Devan. Now I give it to you for #17. . . Boo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Happy Anniversary! For our anniversary, Devan suprised me by taking me up to Midway for the weekend. We stayed at the homestead and had what should have been an illegal amount of fun. We celebrated a little early because he is going to Montanna for 5 weeks to work. Anyways, come to find out he is leaving after our anniversary, but we still had a blast! We did a lot of biking, swimming in the Homestead CRATER, tennis rocks my socks, watching Jazz/Hornets/Magic/Spurs games and ate our weight in desserts and delicious foodies at the homestead buffett... Certainly a blast. Sure do love you Dev. Thanks for the great trip!!!
The Happy Couple!
As Promised, pictures of our bikes. Devan's is red and silver, mine is cute blue! HCMB2 (hard-core-mountain-bikers-squared [for the two of us])! We just need some of those form-fitting, butt-shaping, lovely spandex shorts with the belts that hold the little packets of 'GOO' that all the hard-cores wear.

We went for drives a whole bunch. On one of our brave excursions we found the HUGE house that could probably fit about 100 of our apartments in it. It had douple level garages, so cars were on top of cars. They could hold around 15-20 cars. It was nuts. Thanks again Dev for the best suprise and greatest anniversary yet!