Friday, September 12, 2008

Stinkin' Good Times Part 1

And were home from paradise, aka Kona, Hawaii. We were thrown right back into the scuffle of work and school after gaining 10 pounds, shopping and playing cards like there was no tomorrow and of course laying on the 80 degree weather, baby blue water beaches for 2 weeks. No Mercy I guess when your back to real life and playing house. Here are some pics:

We started out with snowcones the size of a human head (Only the first of about 12, so like 1 human head a day)
The happy couples, and not cuse we are together, cuse we have snow cones!
Finished the entire thing! The bottom is the best anyway because all the flavors mix together plus you get a little bit of creaminess for the ice cream that was in the middle that melted. YUMMM!
Went on a little drive up the hill and looked out
The happy couples, and this time because we are together!

The view from the lanai at the house, the beach was just across the street. We were right across from some of the best waves on the Kona side of the island so there were always locals out there surfing.
Some delicious white pinapple - it tasted just like candy... jucy, delicious candy!Some delicious avacados, the size of my hand - courtsey of the wonderful Hawaii farmers-market.

This is us at the Volcano. It erupted about a month before we got there and is just DUMPING into the ocean. You can see the smoke in both of the pictures, it was really neat.

We saw waterfalls, lots and lots of beautiful waterfalls!

Beaches, Beaches and lot of beautiful beaches!An absolutly KILLER boogie-boarding wave. We sat and watched all the people as we were having a delicious dinner on the beach.

A few notes:

Firstly, thank you Clint and Stef for such a great time. We totally partied like it was 1999.

Secondly, for all of you who are jealous... just wait for "Stinkin' Good Times Part 2". We had a great time and have more pictures to post - I don't want to bore anyone with a mile-long post of pictures of beautiful Hawaii... Actually I need to go to the mall so I need to peace-out. Well, Peace Out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ocho Cinco

Just wanted to give Dev's favorite player a big shout-out:

This guy. Chad Johnson has offically changed his name. "As of Thursday 9-4-2008; Florida courts have ruled that Chad Johnson will offically be known as Chad Ocho Cinco." Shout out to a future H.O.F. , the guy formally known as Chad Johnson, and the guy who would make the NFL a little less interesing.

PS Chad:

85 is actually ochenta cinco not ocho cinco, but who really cares...