Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Tag!

IVE BEEN MAN TAGGED! This is the best kind.

1.How long have you been married? 10 Months
2.How long did you date? Oh that debatable, but right around 6 months.
3.Who eats more sweets? Lauren by far far far far far.
4.Who said I love you first? Devan after a long, LONG awaited time.
5.How old is he? 24
6.Who is taller? Dev-Man
7.Who is smarter? Book smarts goes to Devan. Street smarts goes to Lauren. No we are both pretty bright.
9.Who does the laundry? Lauren aka 'laundry basket'
10.Who pays the bills? Lauren gets all the good ones like the hospital and surgery bills, oh yeah and the car bill. Devan gets the dish, gas and electric. But thanks to an awesome insurance agent, that one gets taken out automatically.
11.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Devan... it's by the scary window. He's so brave!
12.Who mows the lawn? When we have one, Devan will. And he will 'ride' the lawn (riding-mower), not mow it.
13.Who cooks dinner? Chef Ya-Ya
14.Who drives? Well thats where are releationship really gets good. See it either turns into a 'shot-gun' game for who gets to drive, or an all our race to whoever gets there first, so if you ever see us take off and try to trip eachother, don't worry it's normal. We have got to get rid of our cars!
15.Who is more stubborn? Silly question. For anyone who knows Lauren you will know the answer. Nickname: Lauren "stubborn-mule" Stiles.
16.Who kissed who first? Devan baby. Boo-Yeah.
17.Who asked who out? Call us romantic, but neither of us can remember a real first date.
18. Who proposed? Devan, but Lauren knew it was coming. See when you go to Magebly's for dinner and you see every single employee, manager, cooks and all, ducked behind the counter wispering and giggling about something... you kind of put two and two together. However, it was sweet. Especially when the old lady from the other side of the resturant yells " DID SHE SAY YES?!"
I am going to tag Shaun and Em. Brag on!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Me and Devan had a genius idea... we decided that this winter we were going to shut our heat off, yes, I said it OFF... and the fact that we have done it all winter is proof that some (the majority) of our brain cells have been frozen in stupor. For those of you in Utah, you understand this freezing cold weather and forgetfulness of what the sun looks like. For those of you not in Utah... here are a few pictures of what me and Devan look like right before we jump into bed, to survive the lone, dreary night.