Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alive?... Yes

We are alive. Went and saw this movie yesterday. SOLID flick - highly reccommended by the Stiles. The Holiday's sure do bring busy times and good friends/family... Needless to say we are one of the busy ones. We are grateful to be able to spend this time and reflect upon Jesus Christ's birth and be together as family and friends. Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Ray Bans

Dear Ray Ban Makers-

If you used Edward Cullen as your spokesman, I can personally guarantee a purchase of at least 3 pairs of sunglasses from the advertisement. I would buy 1 for my lovely husband, and 2 for me, because I too would like to look like Edward Cullen.

Thank you for making such smoking hot glasses, which makes a good looking vampire, even better looking. Change your advertisment, and change peoples lives. Thank you.

Friday, November 21, 2008

State Champs

My brother-

The only McGuire to have a 2-pete state champ under his belt.  CONGRATS PEEN DOG.  Great season and great game.  California, knows how to party!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Love this Kid

Love this Kiddo-

Congrats Peen-Dawg on the big W. Love you and 1 more till the big 2-pete. Number 2-4 in the house!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Opening Night

Opening night at home tomorrow for the Jazz (vs. Nuggets). Tis' the season!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I was always taught to be a tough girl... but considering I have been congested from the moment we stepped off the plane from Hawaii, and not able to talk for the past week I am going to throw in the towel, and go see the doc tomorrow... Wish me luck. However, on a better note, I did get a new shirt today:

And I love it. Devan also got on the new shirt train and got the ol' Maximillias t-shirt that looks like the jersey. Go blue or go home. Thanks team.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Thanks Ra-Ra for the tag.  6 quirks you may not know about me:

1.  I must have my door locked (all 3 locks) all windows closed every night and house/closets/rooms checked too.  I will check 3 or 4 times before I finally fall asleep.   Even after I have eyes closed, just about asleep, I usually have to double check with either Devan or get up to make sure they are locked and everything on the home-front is safe.

2.  I don't measure anything when it comes to cooking.  Actually, I feel like if I do measure I know whatever I am cooking will taste terrible, it's just the way it is.  I have to put things in as I please, and can't follow a recipe or I won't like it.

3.  I am kinda obsessed with being the super-fans of certain teams (Jazz, BYU, Timpview).  If anyone thinks they know more or are the bigger super-fan my face gets all hot and and my blood boils.  I insist that Devan, myself (and a few friends) are the ultimate fans and truly know the most!

4.  Kind of like number 1, but I am a MAJOR scaredy-cat.  Not only scary movies, walking to my car alone at night, being alone at night, but even down to watching Prison Break or Hero's.  I have to watch a happy show after those, or if I get riled up or scared it takes me quite a long time to calm down because my mind races like you would not believe.  The last scary movie I watched (The Grudge) I cried the entire time (in the movie theatre), which is sad because everyone says it isn't even scary-but I had nightmares for days.  Any time I watch LOST, it's a guaranteed scary dream for the next couple nights.

5.  I talk to my turtles funny.  I swear they can hear me and they love me lots.  They get the special goo-goo-ga-ga baby talk and get treats like royals.  I have a crazy obsession with not only my turtles, but ALL animals.  I love animals with a passion, and anytime one dies or gets hurt in a movie, I cry (and totally try to hide it from Dev, but it never works- three words I Am Legend).

6.  There in nothing more important to me than my husband and my family.  I insist on making sure I say I love you every time I talk on the phone or see them.  Even if they hang up quickly, or close the door, I will call back or walk in to make sure they heard me say I love you.  I get worried that they will forget that and it will hurt their feelings.  Also, I get worried that something bad will happen to them if I don't - the one time I don't.  You never know and I always always say I love you to whoever I can whenever I can.  So to all my family... I love you! :-)

So I guess we all have our quirks, which bring laughs, worries, and faults (like my own).  I hope all of you enjoy reading others quirks as I do.  I tag Ray-I-Fer, Lindsay T, Emily or Garrett.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

'Uh Oh'

Big shout out to Carl Lewis. I have been thinking a lot about him lately, and somewhat feeling his pain when he so humbly decided to sing us the national anthom. Listen here to hear: I have had quite a few 'Ut Oh' moments in the past few days which would include (but not limited to)

1. Having our laptop kick the bucket after only a mere 1 yr. 10 month life span... BOO
2. Having to sing the "Give Me the Beat Boys" song in a concert with Sierra
3. Almost getting my head cut off by a chainsaw by Matt Dorme (yes, the Matt from So You Think You Can Dance) at a dance concert, also with Sierra - while holding hands, interlocking style and a tear streaming down my cheek.
4. Watching the new Twilight trailer for about 30 mintues straight, over and over again.
5. Trying to find a clever Halloween costume, which is looking like resulting in being Dee Brown or Ronnie Price for the second year in a row.
6. Realizing that having 3 hours worth of TiVo everynight is NOT ok.
7. Realizing that I am really and truly secretly in love with Knight Rider.
8. And finally, realizing along with my laptop kicking the bucket, also means all my pictures are on there, and somehow I need to surgically extract them.

So Carl, this ones for you. I'll make up for it sometime!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stinkin' Good Times Part 1

And were home from paradise, aka Kona, Hawaii. We were thrown right back into the scuffle of work and school after gaining 10 pounds, shopping and playing cards like there was no tomorrow and of course laying on the 80 degree weather, baby blue water beaches for 2 weeks. No Mercy I guess when your back to real life and playing house. Here are some pics:

We started out with snowcones the size of a human head (Only the first of about 12, so like 1 human head a day)
The happy couples, and not cuse we are together, cuse we have snow cones!
Finished the entire thing! The bottom is the best anyway because all the flavors mix together plus you get a little bit of creaminess for the ice cream that was in the middle that melted. YUMMM!
Went on a little drive up the hill and looked out
The happy couples, and this time because we are together!

The view from the lanai at the house, the beach was just across the street. We were right across from some of the best waves on the Kona side of the island so there were always locals out there surfing.
Some delicious white pinapple - it tasted just like candy... jucy, delicious candy!Some delicious avacados, the size of my hand - courtsey of the wonderful Hawaii farmers-market.

This is us at the Volcano. It erupted about a month before we got there and is just DUMPING into the ocean. You can see the smoke in both of the pictures, it was really neat.

We saw waterfalls, lots and lots of beautiful waterfalls!

Beaches, Beaches and lot of beautiful beaches!An absolutly KILLER boogie-boarding wave. We sat and watched all the people as we were having a delicious dinner on the beach.

A few notes:

Firstly, thank you Clint and Stef for such a great time. We totally partied like it was 1999.

Secondly, for all of you who are jealous... just wait for "Stinkin' Good Times Part 2". We had a great time and have more pictures to post - I don't want to bore anyone with a mile-long post of pictures of beautiful Hawaii... Actually I need to go to the mall so I need to peace-out. Well, Peace Out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ocho Cinco

Just wanted to give Dev's favorite player a big shout-out:

This guy. Chad Johnson has offically changed his name. "As of Thursday 9-4-2008; Florida courts have ruled that Chad Johnson will offically be known as Chad Ocho Cinco." Shout out to a future H.O.F. , the guy formally known as Chad Johnson, and the guy who would make the NFL a little less interesing.

PS Chad:

85 is actually ochenta cinco not ocho cinco, but who really cares...

Friday, August 29, 2008

We Made It

We are here. Already had some yummy snowcones, a few shopping sprees, great pedicures, and great waves, we have made it to Hawaii. More posts with pictures to come.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Pure fun is the only words to explain our last outing with Clint, Stef, Jeff and "Chika".

Our fun consisted of Devan trying to break a crate with flip-flops:

Clint with an ax...
Devan still trying to break a crate with flip-flops :
And as always... FOODIES :
Jeff and his darling girlfriend Brittney:And of course, us still eating. It's amazing devan was able to catch us all pretty normal in a picture...

Friday, August 8, 2008

As Promised

Here are pictures from our Cruise. Since camping pictures are on a costco cd (Mamma McGuire's favorite), I can't quite figure out how to put them to my blog and Devan isn't home so Whoa is me, they will come. Just want to give a shout out to the McGuire's and Stiles' for such wonderful family vacations. BLAST. Anyways, enjoy!

Even though I have held a respectable position in my company for over 2 years, been married for over 1 year, and been out of school for over 3 years, I still had to have a hole punch in my card because I wasn't 21. I got teased (and only by my one true love) the ENTIRE time.
We stopped in Vegas along the way... Still not 21.Our first stop was Sand Diego - to the beautiful temple and the awesome Coronado Island to hit up the beach.
Catilina Island. So beautiful! (2nd Stop)Gettin ready to go 'schwimmin'!
Our boat, The Monarch of the Seas
On our way to Catilina Island. Segways, here we come!
Welcom to the Segway crew, I hope you have a Segway too.Ensanada (sp?) Mexico. Full of life, love, and stink. Not many pictures necessary...
The one and only. I forget how awesome Disneyland is. A few of the family favorites: Indiana Jones, Screamin' California, Soarin' over California, Space Mountain and of course the Buzz Lightyear where you get to shoot targets.
Grizzley Rapids... Mom Stiles got a pancho, Dad Stiles lovin' it, Lauren Stiles not really understanding and dear Kerry Stiles who the rapids had a nasty grudge against.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Viente Uno

Yes folks, the day has come. Happy happy 21. We just got back from our wonderful vacations with the McGuire's and Stiles' families. Great pics to come!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So long, No Post

Thank you Sierra for the tag. I am now alive. See, since I have been 'single' if you will, I have cut the blogging/friends/family/contacts out of my life, stuck myself in my house, in the darkest room I could find, put on all my jammies (which happens to consist of all Jazz gear) and pigged out on Oreo's and Cream puffs. Not really, but interestingly enough, I have been busier now than every before which certainly has it's pros and cons. Pros - the day goes by quick. Cons - Nobody can read my delightful posts because I havent posted (not). Anyways Sierra, a big shout-out to you and the Ry-Guy for waking me out of my deep slomber and tagging me with something so fun. Now if you would just come watch SYTYCD with me.........

What I was doing ten years ago....

*Playing with my little birdie Sparky, teaching him to whistle at me so I felt cute, also watching/drooling over NSYNC, playing tennis, and fighting with my little bro.

What I was doing five years ago...

*Googling over boys, wishing I could drive because I was the youngest almost-Junior on the planet, and struggling with the accident with my mom-learning to be an adult and care for my family which I would never ever take back.

What I was doing one Year Ago.....

*Being a super-googlie few months newly-wed with a husband that cut his finger off and being the boss of 15 girls... whew

What I was doing Yesterday...

*Working, painting my end tables, preparing for Devan's visit, working out with my best workout buddy (mckae) and watching Las Vegas.

Five Favorite Snacks...

*M & M's (I'm on a plain kick)
Garlic Bread - Totally addicted
Dr. Pepper - so bad, so good
Gum - The Orbit Sweet Mint, that is some good stuff

Five Favorite Books....

1- Twilight 2- Eclipse 3-Harry Potter -all 4-BOM 5-The Great Gatsby

Five Places to Run Away...

* 1.Hawaii (August :-) ) 2.St. George (a McGuire favorite) 3.Cal-i-forn-i-a (fam-bam) 4.Italy and 5.Jamica

Five Pet Peeves...

* 1. People who don't think Mini's are the best car ever. 2. Bad/Mean drivers. 3. Rude people requesting Medical Records. 4. When Smith's runs out of Garlic Bread. 5. When people try to talk over eachother.

Five things I enjoy....

*1. Going out to eat. 2. Watching TV. 3. Being with Family. 4. DOGS-or any animal in general ( I am SUCH an animal lover) . 5. Deban!

Five favorite TV shows...

* 1. LOST 2. Las Vegas 3. So You Think You Can Dance 4. America's Best Dance Crew 5. Prison Break - the list goes on and on :-)

FriendsFive famous people I would like to meet...

* Besides the prophet of course - 1. Ronnie Price (kinda already did) 2. Carlos Boozer/Deron Williams/ Paul Millsap, oh shoot, lets just say the entire Jazz crew. 3. James Caan 4. Jack Sparrow 5. The Treo - K.G., R.A., and P.P

Five people to tag...1. Magurn 2. Collin 3. Garrett (he loves this stuff) 4. Jen 5. Allet

Thursday, May 22, 2008

24 hours

Less than 24 hours have gone by and already, I am an array of emotions. I sure do miss this guy:
Money has already been spent, parents/friends visited and caught up on a lot of TiVo'd shows. I guess I have to make the next move and take either one of two options. Excersise or clean the house... Suggestions anyone?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am K9 Friendly

So for the past while (oh i'd say 3 or 4 months), I have been driving Devan crazy about getting one of these:
Unfourtnetly, Devan doesn't want a "horse-dog". :-( But in lew of recent events that have taken place in my home, I think Devan would be greatful to have one of these bad boys around for me to keep me safe while he is gone. Alas, our apartment does not allow us to be the proud owners of this guy (do you blame em'?), so I guess our new dead bolt will have to protect me until then. :-) I think for the next year, I might go a little crazy due to the need/want/would kill for a dog attitude that I have had as late, especially that I will be alone for a little bit. I would love to have "mans best friend" by my side. This is my ode to all you dog-wanters out there, the time will come my friends when we will join the rankings.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What Happens in a Year:

This post is more for my own selfish reasons. See I am the worst journal writer in the world, but recently someone described blogging as an 'on-line journal' and I offically justified that. These are my journal entries for our little family!

I'm sure everyone thinks back and ponders what has happened to them within the past year of their marriage. Here is how it worked for Devan and myself (in chronological order)

-Lacerated Tendon
-Had reconstructive surgery on tendon
-Weeks of Physical therapy
-Went bankrupt because of Tendon
-Added a niece
-Bought a new car
-Great trip to Texas :-)
-Went double bankrupt because of Appendectamey
-Great trip to California :-)
-Winter blues/Turned off our heat (why)?
-Writers Strike... Boo
-Added a sister-in-law
-Diagonosed with Hypothryoidism
-Are pretty sure we will go bankrupt a 3rd time...
-Heart-broken by the Jazz... Again
-Put together our house
-Getting ready for Devan to leave for Montanna
-Getting ready for Mac to come and live with Lauren while Dev in Montanna
-Can't wait for what the next year brings!

Happy Anniversary to you Dev! I sure do love you and have loved every minute of this year together! Looking forward to the many, many more to come! :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Last weekend Dev, Me, Clint and Stefani all went to Zions and then up to Clint's ranch in Joes Valley to do some campin'. AWESOME. We had a blast hiking through Zions, eating like King's, playing cards, not showering, potty in the woods (the boys were kind enough to build us little toilets out there in dem' woods), black boogers, bugs, massive fires (I think everyone burned themselves in one way or another) sleeping in our sweet tent, doing some bike riding, and a whole lotta smores. This is us in our sweet tent. Almost the whole top is open, so we could see some major stars!

BEFORE our hike through Zion's.

*More pictures are to come. We have an after shot of our hike through Zion's... along with a few other pristine pictures, you will all be pleased to see!