Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Devan...

***Offensive Alert: If you are easily offended when somebody calls your residential city no-fun, do not read past this point. All cities named in post are proud cities of the United States of America.***

"Provo Least Fun City in the Nation?"

It is official everyone... Provo has been voted the least fun city in the nation. (And when the say Provo, I include Orem since it should be called PrOrem.) For many Timpview-ites, Provo-ians, and Zoobies (BYU-ers), these are what we like to call our stomping grounds, home sweet home, the land that I love. So why blog about this? Well, it hits a little home to my dear, sweet, Devan (who was not born in the land of Provo, but is an official resident of the city, 6 years and counting) . Lets start with the basics, Devan is 26 years old, a college graduate, and is from the Modesto, CA. area.

I get a phone call from Devan this morning saying "Hop onto and read the article about Provo City". Naturally, I do it right away, I just can't wait. I see the headline "Provo least fun city in the nation?" and immediatly think, oh boy, this should be good... As I chuckle to myself, I continue to read on. The article states that indeed, Provo has been voted the least fun city in the nation, by this 3rd party poll people. It then goes on to list reasons why Provo IS a fun city (i.e. Boating Utah Lake, Rock Canyon, ect.) and I must agree. As I continue further, the article goes on to list a couple other bottom-dwellers of fun-sucking cities, and frankly, to much of a suprise, next on the list is (drumroll please........) Modesto California! Devan and I bust out in laughs, chuckles and cheers.

What are the odds? Provo, Utah and Modesto, California? I fear that if he or I dug further, we may find other no-fun-Devan-dwelling zones on that list such as: Puyallup, Washington, Bismark, North Dakota, Pierre, South Dakota, and Casper, Wyoming. So, the moral of my post? Watch out friends and family and work associates... You may very well be associating with the person who is among the least fun people in the nation, I'm just sayin'...

PS. To read the article, go here:
PPS: To all those who know Devan, I don't have to tell you that he is indeed, a fun person. To those of you who don't personally know Devan, he is FAR FROM a no-fun person, this is purley a coincidence.


McGuire's said...

That is Funny! Devan brings the party to wherever he goes. :)

Shaunee said...

Hahaha! There are no words for that. But we also think Devan is a fun person.

Denise said...

Who knew?