Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Camera,

How are you? I am doing fine. I wanted to ask you something... In your mind, what constitutes a major life event? A wedding? A birth of a child? A baptisim? A colledge graduation? All of the above?

Well my dear camera, I agree with you. All of the above are certainly life changing events that you would like documented. So why oh why couldn't you be there for me this weekend? I really needed your support. I think that we both agreed that a colledge graduation fits right in that category. Well, colledge graduation came and went, and you failed to document. Why couldn't you make sure your battery was tucked away nicely, rather than on the charging dock at home? You should have known I would have been to busy to think about checking you as well as myself before I walked out the door. I am not superwoman.

Camera, I hope you don't think I am mad at you, just disapointed. I will always love you. I hope for the next milestone event, you get your pretty little self ready to snap away for me rather than leaving me hanging. I hope you are doing well. I hope your battery isn't getting to dusty from being forgotten. Until next time, keep it real.


Lauren (Wife of a recently graduated colledge student)

PS, I would say you can be there for me next time, but since there won't be a next time, I don't know what to say. I just hope you made the right decision.


Sierra & Ryan said...

hahaha I loved this post. Don't love your camera though, it shoud have known better ;-) Hopefully it will decide to be a better camera for the next life changing event....which one will that be?! hmm.....

McGuire's said...

FUNNY!!! love it lauren, hopefully your dad got some pictures bc that was a party to remember! and you ARE superwoman.

Bale Family said...

Ha, ha! Congrats to Dev and actaully the both of you. It's hard being a college supporting wife at times too! Maybe just rent a college grad outfit and pretend it's grad day all over again so you can get some pics. LOL!