Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playing Catsup

So, I'm a major slacker, blog world. Needless to say, this semester has been $#%&*(#!. Feel free to fill in the blank with your word of choice. I choose poop) So a quick update since September:

October: Celebrated Halloween (love it!) Annual Halloween party with the Severson's, Howard grew like a weed, Dev turned 26. A few pictures to commemorate :-)

November: Howard grew like a weed, Shotgun shooting with the McGuire's, and New Moon baby!

December: Howard grew like a weed, Dev finished semester, a nice long Christmas in Cali home.

PS (don't mind my little kid bangs. I tried to cut them myself... Bad idea)

January: Enter #$^@&$*! semester. Howard still continuing to grow like a weed, we think he may never stop, depression sets in because the real snow/cold has just started to come. No pictures to post because January was to depressing.

February: Continuation of #%&*@(!^%*$# semester, Howard starting to pest Devan, Lauren feeling crafty. Depression continues as cold weather and snow move forth. Sorry, no pictures, February was too depressing as well.

March: Yet more continuation of ^#*@$^%%#&*!#@$!*@#!%)$ semester, Lauren LOVING St. Patty's day, Devan being Mr. Studious, girl trip to St. George with Caity, road trip to St. George/Vegas/Primm with the Seversons, which meant Buffalo Bill's, Howard gets nutered and we think that he is done pestering Devan because of the nueter...Oh and you better believe it... still snowing

April: And here we are. Howard decided that the nutering did nothing for his attitude, still bothering Devan, Pappa Devan and son Howard go on a nice fun hike and Howard takes his backpack, fun weekend in St. George with the McGuire's, Father Steve in St. George at same time for golf trip, #*%#(!*@&^%#(@!*!@#%(&@#*^%#$(@!%*#)@$(&%$@!* semester almost to a close which means.... GRADUATION! Yay!!! Oh and PS, it did snow again like a week ago, but Utah redeemed itself by giving us the lovely weekend and week. :-)

(Thanks Em for the pictures, I stole them from your blog BTW)

So as graduation is only days away, I sit here and contemplate if there is supposed to be life beyond school. It seems as though Devan was brought to this earth to be a perm-a-student, so I feel like come Thursday, 2012 may arrive a little early. Way excited for Dev-Man, and very proud of him! Congrats Dev! Sorry for the marathon post, I must be better.


Shaunee said...

Yeah! I love the update. It's fun to watch Howard grow... especially into his ears. We are so proud of Devan (and you) and we are excited for this week! Now, onto the next phase of life.

Sierra & Ryan said...

Dido! Love the update :-) I need to see this growing weed of yours! He looks as cute as ever. Our hubbies are graduating this week!! I agree with your explitives about this semester! Crazy crazy crazy. Now we will have time to play! FREEEEDOM!! Love you & miss you lots!

McGuire's said...

Somehow I missed this update!! Loved all your pics. So cute to see Howard little again. It's truly amazing how fast he got HUGE. I love how happy Devan looked in the New Moon pic. :) Only 2 (maybe 3) more of those midnight showings! Exciting times!

Denise said...

I just want to say, HOWARD IS HUGE!
Loved all the new pictures and the update. Congratulations, Devan!! I know you are both glad to be done with school, for now. Good work, both of you.