Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day ............................................. You have Bronchitis

Happy love day to all. Just wanted to give a big shout out to the Mr.

Every wife I know today has posted either something on their blog or facebook about having the best husband ever. Well, nice try ladies but my bloke takes the cake.

It all starts about 3 weeks ago, when Mr. Cutie Pie decides we are going to Ruth's Chris for V-Day. So, he makes a reservation, gets gift cards in order and lets his lady know. Boy oh boy are they excited. Last week, Lauren starts feeling a wee bit yucky. By Friday, her voice is gone and she is hocking up a lung, can't breathe, her throat stings of nails scratching, (you get the point). Mr. Cutie Pie takes care of her. Tells her to save her energy, get better, stay in bed, because we have a hot date on Monday! Enter Monday, February 14th, Valentine's day. Lauren and Devan drop Howard off at daycare in preperation to be able to go to Park City for din-din. Lauren still not feeling well, goes to see the doctor and Wah La, Bronchitis. She has to cancel on her one true love after all his darling hard work. His reply? "Oh sweets, let's just get you better! We will order some take out and spend a nice evening at home". So ladies... my guy, wins! Happy Valentine's everyone!


McGuire's said...

Lauren i'm so sorry! That stinks. There you are texting me last night when you can babysit for our valentine date and you were sick and had to cancel yours. So sorry. Hope you are feeling better. Devan is a sweetheart. Ruth's Chris...Fancy! Hope when you do go it is amazing and if you are still feeling sick this weekend, don't feel bad to let us know, we can go any week. Thank you. Feel better!

pam mc said...

yes, devan wins!