Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grand Re-Opening

I'll be honest. I have gone through an anti-blogging phase. The thought of having to actually get together thoughts, feelings, and quirky comments sounded like a good ol' flush down the toilet. After hearing an old friend tell me "I check your blog all the time. You never write anything, but I check it", a glimmer of purpose and meaning of life came back to me. There are people out there besides my mom, mom-in-law, sister and sister's in law who may actually read this. Who would have thought?! So for your viewing pleasures, I am officially entering the grand re-opening of La and Dev. (Insert groans here). Updates:

Devan= Still as cute as ever. Big ol' smile, playing lots of basketball, yelling at Howard, yelling at the tv, yelling at the playstation, smiling at me, loving his job, loving Howard, loving the tv, loving the playstation, crushing on Jimmer, staying busy. Hot and Cold that one.

Devan's battle wound while rough housing with Howard. A few stitches later he was good.

Lauren= Loving her new truck, loving Howard-meister, driving Howard crazy for smothering him, extreamly sick of the cold, Crazyball fanatic, thinks about Disneyland everyday, obsessed with Call of Duty (pathetic, I knew I should have never gave in), loving good, quality family time with Dev, (playing Call of Duty) and also staying busy.

Got a new tattoo. It mysteriously dissappeared 1 week later...

Howard= BIG. Sneaking into his food bag, loving peanut butter, loves to run at the park, tired all the time, loves his new daycare he, always breaking things with his tail, is so glad to be back together with his soulmate (Nana) after she forgave him for breaking her little tosie on accident.


McGuire's said...

Hello again!!! So happy to hear from you. Lots of great things. thinking of disneyland everyday too, trying to convince garrett to go... Anyday, sick of the cold... Goodnight!

Kristin said...

Sure enough, your re-opening was grand!People may not comment on all of your posts... but everyone still likes to check up on ya :)Its funny, cuz I hardly get a comment on my blog, but people tell me they liked this post or that one to my face. haha. thats why there is a comment section!

Joanna McGuire said...

I am glad you guys are back and I do check up on you, I am just not good about commenting. I am trying to be better about that. It is hard to do blog posts I will have to admit, but it is great to update each other on our lives.

Sierra & Ryan said...

Hello! I am so glad you are back because I feel like I haven't seen you FOREVER and the blog is the only peak into your life I get. I miss you! Keep posting! :-) And can we do lunch or dinner realllll soon?

Denise said...

I'm glad I checked on your blog today. I loved the new pictures. BOY, HOWARD IS BIG!!!