Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lake Powellio

We went to Lake Powell. Had a blast. And then had to come home. Urgh.

Shown below is the entire gang. Howard has body image issues, he wanted no part in pictures.

All the ladies looking GaGalicious

This is Howard and Harley. So cute.

What a cute set of brothers!

We had an absolute blast in Powell. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who helped and made it such an amazing trip. I think I may have to officially retire from being the photographer of the family (I didn't take a single picture the entire trip). Thanks to Mary for sending/taking these wonderful pictures. Thanks again to everyone, SO good to see everyone, can't wait for 2011! :-)


Shaunee said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like so much fun!

P.S. I'm still watching the Wimbledon match. It's 59-59 right now!

Denise said...

What a great trip!! It was wonderful to be together with our family and friends. Looking forward to doing it again!

pam mc said...

loved the pictures. looks like fun!

McGuire's said...

Luckies! Lake powell is bliss. Lauren I love you in the 2nd pic! :)

Sierra & Ryan said...

SO Jealous! Lake Powell is probably one of the most amazing places. Looks like you had a blast. I miss yoU!